Tom Kerridge Twill Apron

Tom Kerridge Twill Apron

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Woven in Burnley, Lancashire and cut and trimmed in Accrington. An elegant 14oz twill is used to produce this range of textiles; normally only used in upholstery or clothing. This apron is produced in mills at the traditional heartland of British textile manufacturing.

Combining a unique design whilst also living up to the demands of a Michelin star chef, this item has been designed with Tomís input; ensuring it meets professional standards for protection and durability.

Made from premium, high-quality materials, this twill apron brings a new level of professionalism to any kitchen.

Technical information

  • 79cm width x 94cm length

  • Designed to professional standards

  • Premium, high quality materials

  • Fabric is treated to create a steam and grease barrier

  • Large protective area

  • Made from Cotton

  • Made in Accrington

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Tom Kerridge Twill Apron