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Tramontina Churrasco 3 Piece Carving Set Brown
RRP: £52.99
Ours: £47.65
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The origin of barbecue Barbecue dates back to prehistoric times when man, after mastering the use of fire perceived that food (game meat) was more flavorful and lasted longer when grilled. For its part, barbecue as we know it in Brazil, comes from the Pampas, a region in southeastern South America. In the past, this was a region for transportation of cattle. In the middle of nowhere, South American cowboys, or tropeiros as they are called in Portuguese, only had basic resources available to survive: leather goods, meat, wood to hang it on and a constantly lit camp fire. The tropeiros would gather around the fire to tell stories and enjoy their barbecued meat, which was their only way to survive. And what a delicious way it was. Nowadays, everybody enjoys a barbecue. It might go by a variety of names and be prepared in different ways. But anywhere in the world, barbecue is synonymous with joy, brotherhood and freedom. By the way, would you like to join us for some a barbecue today?

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