Ultimum Forged By Circulon

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An essential for every kitchen, these Circulon Ultimum Forged Aluminium pans With Phenolic Handles are made with innovative technology, giving the surfaces a non-stick coating, meaning no oil is needed when cooking. The ultra smooth, non-stick surface is created from the ‘hi low’ circular grooves, stopping it from wearing away easily. This collection is not only long-lasting, but will consistently deliver a exceptional performance time and time again. The unique, signature grooves are made to create air pockets, releasing the natural fats of the food, enhancing the flavour and cooking to perfection. Using the best materials and the hard- anodizing process, it means pans in the Circulon range will not scratch, chip or stain and are easy to clean. You don’t have to be a master chef to use these pans, as they are made with every cookery level in mind.

Ultimum Forged at Millys Store

Why we like Circulon Ultimum Forged Aluminium:-

The full Induction base ensures an even distribution of heat through the pan and the phenolic handles are heat resistant and offer a sure grip. Combined this with the fantastic non-stick surface and you have an awesome range of pans to use.


Main Features:-

  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Non-stick: yes
  • Induction suitable: Yes
  • Lifetime warranty: yes
  • Oven safe: yes
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