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Versace By Rosenthal

When two powerful forces like Versace and Rosenthal meet, only the extraordinary can happen. Rosenthal, with its international reputation for uniting tradition and innovation, and Versace, with its own inimitable and expressive style, have developed tremendously elegant, luxurious and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspiration for these Versace china collections is derived from the different cultures, spanning time, space and history.

Accompanying Marco Polo on his journey to the cradle of porcelain; drawing lively pictures of the baroque splendour at the court of the sun king, Louis XIV; diving for the hidden treasures of the sea; strolling with a sketchbook through delightful gardens or leading us to the most illustrious arts and crafts of the court of the Tsar, all are motifs found in the Rosenthal Versace china collection.

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