Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware

With everything from opulent and indulgent to contemporary and classic, Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware has it all. Usually dispatched within 14 days, subject to availability, but definitely worth the wait!

Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware at Millys Store

Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware at Millys Store

The diversity and dominance of Villeroy and Boch can be seen from the offset, from its day-to-day use in homes worldwide to its dinnerware which graces the tables of crowned royalty. The brand always upholds its luxurious and lavish reputation, with Villeroy and Boch dinnerware being the prime choice for households of the rich and famous around the world. Dinnerware, and earthenware being Villeroy & Boch’s foundation, it also offers crystal stemware, barware and glass drinkware. All of which accent the diversely striking Villeroy and Boch dinnerware patterns.

What is in a full dinner set?

If you want to create a full Villeroy and Boch dinner set, you would typically need to collect the following pieces to create four settings:

  • 4 Dinner plates

  • 4 Side plates

  • 4 Bowls

  • 4 Cups

  • 4 Saucers

With changes in the way we lay our dining tables - from single person households to multi-generational arrangements - Villeroy and Boch decided not to limit customers to a single-purpose dinner set. Rather, multiple pieces can be born separately to mix-and-match as needed. 

Along with typical dinnerware staples, the Villeroy and Boch collections also include a number of additional pieces that you can use to expand your serving capabilities, with everything from antipasti plates and teapots, to large platters, sugar bowls, milk jugs and much more. 

Where is Villeroy and Boch dinnerware made?

The Villeroy and Boch company was originally founded back in 1748 in a small village in France by François Boch. It wasn’t until 1836 that the company was merged with fellow stoneware producer Nicolas Villeroy, giving it the name we know today.

Since 1812, the company has owned kilworks in Germany, the first being at Mettlach, Saarland. This continues to be where the Villeroy and Boch dinnerware headquarters are located, with a porcelain factory also being located in Selb, Germany. 

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