Waterford Lismore Goblet 17cm

Waterford Lismore Goblet 17cm

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Our Lismore Goblet is defined by the elegant diamond and wedge cuts of our Lismore pattern and its traditional goblet shape with straighter sides than a typical wine glass allowing your wine to breathe. The meticulous design, faceted stems and iconic Lismore pattern showcase the intricate skills of our Master Craftsmen revealing the brilliance and clarity of the pure crystal. These outstanding qualities and the reassuring weight of the goblet make it a glass which adds a touch of luxury to your wine drinking and entertaining at home. Presented in our signature grey Lismore collection box, the goblet is the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast you know and an ideal way for you to begin a collection of our luxurious crystal glassware.


Lismore White Wine Glass 13.5cm



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Waterford Lismore White Wine Glass - The Waterford Lismore pattern is a stunning combination of brilliance and clarity. The perfect glass to accentuate the subtlety of crisply chilled white wine, the Lismore White Wine glass is tall, elegant and sparkles as a result of Lismore's signature pattern of diamond and wedge cuts. The stunning clarity and comforting weight of Waterford's hand-crafted fine crystal make this a particularly beautiful example of classic drinkware.

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Dishwasher Safe:No

Microwave Safe:No

Is In Box:Yes

Type:Drinking Glass

Material:Lead Crystal

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Waterford Lismore Goblet 17cm