Wedgwood is a name recognised instantly around the world. Josiah Wedgwood founded the company in 1759, setting the standard for high quality and continual innovation that has made Wedgwood china an essential in the homes of today. Today a stellar cast of international designers lend their skills to shape Wedgwood for the future.

Wedgwood at Millys Store

Josiah Wedgwood dreamed of creating the greatest ceramics and developing a true English style, able to transcend global fashion boundaries. He was born in the heart of the English potteries and, after serving his apprenticeship, set up his business in 1759. Within ten years, he had transformed the nation's tableware and both royalty and commoners numbered amongst his customers.

At MillysStore we have a wide range of Wedgwood Products, in our three main ranges of Jasper Conran Wedgwood, Vera Wang Wedgwood and Wedgwood China.

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