Wusthof Classic 2 Piece Knife Set

Wusthof Classic 2 Piece Knife Set

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A 2 piece set comprising

Classic cook's knife 20cm - 1030100120
Classic paring knife 9cm - 1030100409

Wusthof Trident knives are precision forged and manufactured using the latest laser and robot technologies to produce an excellent range of professional quality kitchen knives. They are perfectly balanced, with a full tang, an ergonomic handle and a durable, easily sharpened , corrosion resistant blade. The excellent quality of Wusthof Trident knives is the result of an exhaustive manufacturing process which includes over 40 separate and demanding steps - the style is easy to copy but the quality is not.

In production since 1814 Wusthof Trident knives are used by many professional chefs around the world and have won numerous awards.

Technical information

Wusthof Classic Carving Set 


Wusthof knives have a full tang for perfect balance.

Wusthof knives have solid, curved bolster for comfort and safety - it stops your hand riding up the blade.

The handles on Wusthof Classic Knives are made from high impact polypropylene with a traditional triple rivet fixing. The shape of the handle is ergonomic and has been designed in consultation with professional chefs for maximum comfort. Finished to a high standard the handles are seam free and pore free - and therefore hygienic.

Like all professional quality knives - the Wusthof Classic range includes a large selection - each knife designed for a particular purpose. There is no such thing as a general purpose knife - it is always easier and safer to use a knife that has been designed for the job in hand.
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Wusthof Classic 2 Piece Knife Set