Health pancakes made with a healthy pan

Healthy pancakes? Start with a healthy pan.

There’s no such thing as a truly healthy pancake, unless you’re using a healthy pan.

Pancake Day is nearly upon us.

And whether it’s down to better nutrition info, or body shaming on social media – we all want to be healthier.

Vegan pancakes, gluten-free pancakes, sugar-free pancakes – you’ll see hundreds of healthy pancake recipes.

But how many ensure your pancakes won’t contain perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) or perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)?

Correct, those scary sounding chemicals aren’t delicious toppings – but you may end up eating them if you use the wrong pan.

Why does ceramic mean a healthy pan?

Those chemicals were used in the production of many non-stick pans, including Teflon ones.

And yes, they are known carcinogens which can be released if pans are overheated during cooking.

But the risk to you is very small if you use non-stick pans correctly.

For some health conscious people, the risk is enough to look for more non-stick healthy pan alternatives.

If you’re one of those people, take a look at the most popular option – ceramic non-stick.

We’ve sourced a great option for the perfect, golden (healthy) pancake.

GreenPan Venice ceramic non-stick frying pan

This 24cm open frying pan, by environmentally conscious kitchenware manufacturers GreenPan is from their stylish Venice collection.

Its Thermolon coating (basically made from sand) contains no toxic substances, no PFOA, no lead and nothing else nasty.

It also won’t blister or peel, even at high temperatures up to 450°C/850°F – meaning no toxic fumes.

And cleaning is easy too – simply wash in warm soapy water with a soft cloth or sponge – no abrasive scourers.

But best of all, it’s great heat distribution, meaning your pancakes will be evenly coloured and as crisp as you like.

So all you’ll have to worry about is sticking to your healthy recipe.*

Browse our best prices on the GreenPan ceramic non-stick healthy pan collection in our kitchen store.

*Don’t worry if you fail – this pan can also be used to make deliciously unhealthy pancakes!

Valentine's Day kitchen gift ideas

The best kitchen gifts this Valentine’s Day

Love and romance = food and drink.

Consider some of the cliches.

Wine and dine, apple of my eye, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach…

The hottest room in the house will always be the kitchen – not just because you’ve left the oven on.

And while we can’t guarantee you’ll fall in love with your partner’s cooking, we’ve got great gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

Wedgwood Vera Wang Love Knots Toasting Flutes

Whether it’s a wedding proposal or a kill on Call of Duty – celebrate with fizz this Feb in designer style.

Vera Wang Wedgwood love knot toasting flutes

This set of two toasting flutes, by Vera Wang for Wedgwood, are perfect for Prosecco, pink Champagne and sparkling wine.

And as the ‘love knot’ name suggests, romance is bound to bloom over the bubbles.

Alessi Big Love Coffee Spoon by Miriam Mirri

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cheesy romcom, you’ll know what ‘coming in for coffee’ means.

But even if you just get a comforting cuppa, you can still stir your passions with these Big Love coffee spoons.

Alessi Big Love coffee spoons by Miriam Mirri

Created by Miriam Mirri for Alessi, they’re sure to show your brew partner the shape of your heart.

Villeroy & Boch Miss Desiree collection

If you’ve gone all out with first-class food and finest wines, your beloved shouldn’t be sipping from a chipped mug.

Give your table some celebrity style glamour with gorgeous glassware by Villeroy and Boch.

Villeroy & Boch Miss Desiree crystal tumbler

This decorative crystal collection comprises goblets, tumblers and stemware with ornate details that ooze opulent style.

Loved by you

Whether you’re choosing a Valentine’s Day gift or browsing dating profiles, everyone’s taste is different.

These are just a few of the ideas we love but feel free to browse our complete range by brand or department.

And whether you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together, or your 50th – have a beautiful day.

The Michel Roux Jr Difference

The name Roux is synonymous in Britain with the qualities of French haute cuisine. As the name suggests the Michel Roux Jr Cookware and Knife collection are from the chef of the same name and is the first time the Michelin star chef has created a cookware collection, but many TV appearances and a high profile have ensured his popularity, and this is evident in the attention to detail in all the items in the Michel Roux Jr Cookware and Knife ranges. Continue reading

Cook Like Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal, one of the nation’s favourite TV chefs, uses the Japanese knife brand called Tojiro, so a knife can’t come with a higher profile! Tojiro knives are aimed at the professional and so carry with them a premium price. This is where Heston Blumenthal stepped in and began working with stainless steel experts Grunwerg to develop a range of knives which offer the same quality but with a more achievable price. Continue reading

Focus On: Tamahagane Knives

Tamahagane Knives

Tamahagane Knives are made from 3-ply Stainless Steel using traditional techniques in Niigata, Japan, whereby the blade is continually thinned to remove all impurities to leave a hard and pure stainless steel. They have a solid, laminated wood handle which makes them very distinctive and attractive, whilst also giving them the tradition and warmth of wood without the bare metal that can sometimes cause discomfort.

Tamahagane translates as ‘Jewel Steel’. The precious steel of Tamahagane is a clad knife made from a core of VG5 steel with two outer layers of steel. The core has a Rockwell Hardness of 58-59, this hard core is then supported and cushioned by the outer layers of steel, which have a Rockwell hardness of 28-32. Historically, the word Tamahagane has always been regarded as an extremely pure and high quality steel that is created using traditional Japanese techniques.

A remarkably sharp factory edge is the superiority of Tamahagane Knives, it is the hallmark of this range of knives. Cooks will love how easily Tamahagane knives sharpen because of the very thin and slender core and much softer outer layers of steel. To guarantee that one achieves the optimal sharpening of the knife is at a 14-15 degrees angle.

With their unparalleled sharpness, strength and edge retention, these knives are without doubt precious steel.

Focus On: Neoflam Cookware

Neoflam Cookware

One of the biggest problems with standard non-stick pans is that over time the surface breaks down and has a tendency to peel away often signifying time to get a new pan. This is no longer an issue with the range of Neoflam Ecolon Cookware. Ecolon is a ceramic based coating which is made of silica which makes it twice as durable. Continue reading

The Global Knives Difference

Global Knives Explained

We are really big fans of Global Knives here at MillysStore, so much so that we have the biggest online collection in the UK, available to order now. It’s just a matter of deciding which of the five Global Knife ranges will suit you best and to make it easy, we have created this user guide which explains how the ranges have been devised and how these exceptional knives work. Continue reading