With over 100 knives in the Global product range, how do you know which knife is right for you and the task at hand? To make things easy we have broken down the ranges know as "series" below with their own description.

Kitchen knives are a very personal items and each individual will have their own preference and of course each knife has its own purpose.

G Series

Large Knives

The G Series is a classic and most popular collection of large knives, these knives can be used for general preparation and also for the more adventurous chef.

The range includes the best selling knife - the G-2 20cm Cook's knife, as well as other popular knives such as the Bread knife and 16cm Boning knife.

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GS Series

Small to Medium Knives

The GS Series is a classic collection of small to medium sized knives for general preparation.

As well as small and medium sized Cook's/Chef's Knives, this range also includes more specialist items such as the GS-11 Flexible Utility Knife and the GS-11 Tomato Knife.

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GSF Series

Peeling, Paring, Chopping

The GSF Series is made up of smaller knives with solid handles. These knives are perfect for peeling, paring and chopping all those smaller food items.

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GF Series

General food preparation

The GF Series is a classic collection of larger, drop forged knives for general preparation. This range, being more durable for heavy use, is favoured by professional chefs.

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